The Wonders of Amble and Northumberland

When a review for a location begins with “bustling Sunday market” you know that you have found the right place for that quiet getaway, and Amble is just the place for you to go to get a little peace and quite amongst some of the most spectacular coastline on the North Sea. When you have grown tired of all the hustle and bustle of the big city and just want to get away, there are many ways in which you can get to Amble to enjoy some of the most unspoiled Northumberland countryside available today.

With a wonderful seaside marina, and close to the River Coquet, Amble Marina can become your destination by boat as well as by car. It is said that no marina in the North East of England offers a marina in such a splendid setting of beautiful countryside and long sandy beaches. Offering a wide range of water recreation activities from fishing, cruising, sailing, even racing, docking at the marina in Amble makes a great home base for taking in everything else that the area has to offer.

Amble, being a small working fishing port, is also home to a number of shops, pubs, and places to stay including many Amble hotels and bed and breakfast’s. Beauty and quiet are defined by heading towards the Amble promenade and watching the fishing boats, and the world, go by. Being a working fishing port, one can expect only the very freshest catch of the day as part of your dinner fare choices. One of the favorite side trips is a bird watching boat trip from Amble to nearby Coquet Island where one can view the natural beauty of the island filled with a colony of seals, Roseate Terns, Eider Ducks, and Puffins.

Being able to experience what real harbour life is like, a visit to the Coquet Shorebase Trust will offer you the opportunity to enjoy, or to receive training, in sailing, canoeing, power boating, raft building, kayaking, or windsurfing.

Reaching back into Northumberland’s historic early days, one can visit the prehistoric burial grounds or Gloster Hill with signs of the early Romans that once lived there. A little more than a hamlet before the beautiful marina was built, Amble is simply one of those places that, once found, is best kept a secret for your own future enjoyment.

Afternoon walks and picnics are par for the course when visiting Amble with walks along the River Coquet to Warkworth. Visiting the nature reserves at Druridge Bay and Hauxley are also area favorites. While visiting Coquet Island, one can visit their 80 foot high lighthouse built on top of a medieval tower. Nearby on the mudflats near the town of Amble rests four, until recently unknown, shipwrecks discovered on the Northumberland coast with exact locations now recorded and known.

When you visit Amble, bring your imagination and your desire to relax and unwind while enjoying the cycle paths, horseback riding, golfing, or renting a charter to take in the beautiful coastline. And oh, by the way, don’t forget to plan on taking in their “bustling Sunday market!”