darlington-trainDarlington is a quaint market town in the North east of England situated in the Borough of Darlington. This picturesque town is located on the small River Skerne, which is only about 25miles long. Darlington boasts a population of just over 95,000, and has recently undergone major refurbishment to provide a bigger and better pedestrian precinct.  This thriving market town still relies on the weekly market as a major income, and has expanded to an indoor one as well.

The market square is the largest in the country, and is the heart of Darlington. Although other shopping and leisure facilities have been built this area still proves to be very popular. The shopping in Darlington attracts many visitors from other towns, and cities, and retail has remained strong through the financial crisis.

There is plenty to see, and do in Darlington no matter how long you intend to visit for. The award winning arts in the yard exhibits attract many visitors, and are one of the best things to do in Darlington.  You can enjoy the 17 large artworks that are on display in the town center, and enjoy the mini trail guide before you set off exploring.  The newly set up heritage trial will allow you to explore the town, and discover all of the hidden gems.

You will soon be discovering all of the town’s quirky facts, and secrets, and enjoying the local historical sites whilst on the trail. Moving slightly out of the town there are many fantastic, and beautiful nature trails to enjoy. The countryside that surrounds Darlington is magical and charming offering you many great places to explore.

South Park is one of the most popular places to visit when looking to relax, and unwind. This stunning 91 acres of woodland and beauty spots is very popular amongst locals, and visitors. There is a truly delightful rose garden hidden away amongst the giant redwood trees.  You can choose to sit, and relax or take a stroll round the scenic lake. Once you have spent some time relaxing, and reenergizing you can go back to exploring Darlington center.

On the East side of the town you will find the breath taking Train sculpture that has been built from red bricks. This life size sculpture was designed, and built by local artist David Mach, and is very popular with tourists. The civil theater is a very popular place to visit, and Darlington promotes culture and art wherever it can. There is a vast array of different music, arts, and plays that are performed in the theater attracting a huge amount of audiences.

After a hard day exploring, and shopping you will want to ensure that you have plenty of places to eat, and drink. Darlington has a vast choice when it comes to entertaining, and eating out. Whether you want something casual, or something up market your needs, and budget will be catered for. No matter why you have chosen to visit this interesting market town you will find that you want to return time, and time again. There is always something new to discover, and Darlington has a very unique charm.