Embleton – the Hill of the Caterpillar

When approaching this small village of approximately 700 people from the sea, an undulating whinstone ridge sheltering most of Embleton from the stern east winds off of the North Sea looks like a giant caterpillar. This ridge is the root for the name of Embleton; or its old name of “Emeldune” which means the hill of the caterpillar. Along the yellow sand beaches of Embleton Bay near the dunes is “Bathing Rock” and a little to the Northwest is the famous “Vanishing Rock” which bears the carved name of Andra Barton, a Scottish pirate who was killed in a sea battle with the British in 1511.

If you are looking for a secluded area where you can walk the beaches or the six trails that are part of their Embleton Heritage Trails Project, then you have found the right spot. This project, two years in the development, explores the parish history and the history of the surrounding area. Choose from a short walk circling the village or stroll a longer six mile path that follows the natural beauty through the tranquil countryside and its spectacular coastline, one can be assured that they will get their fill of the fresh, clean, salty sea air.

Creighton Memorial Hall, the village hall and thought to be the largest in the county, is the centre of social life in Embleton. The hall is named after Mandell Creighton, a vicar from 1875-1884 and who later became the Bishop of London. Embleton Church of the Holy Trinity is a large church with several interesting features and it is historically connected with Merton College, Oxford.

Golfers have access to an 18 hole golf course that overlooks Embleton Bay and about 40 wooden bungalows constructed by golfers wanting to stay in this area that sits among the sand dunes with a terrific view of the bay as well. Embleton Links Bungalow Owners Association, or ELBOA, was established in 1962 in order to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Embleton Links along with co-operation of the National Trust. With Dunstanburgh Castle at the south end of Embleton Bay, one can get a real flavor for this area that dates back to before medieval times.

Close to the south is the fishing village of Craster and Seahouses is due West. Gifted with beautiful dunes and sandy beaches, the area around Embleton is full of a variety of flowers like bluebells, cowslips, burnet roses, and bloody cranesbill just to name a few. For a quiet getaway, Embleton is the ideal location and is the ideal location for exploring the Northumberland coast.