Ponteland is a large village, only eight miles northwest of Newcastle and two miles from Newcastle Airport.

If you’re having a holiday in the wonderful county of Northumberland, Ponteland is worth a visit. It’s on the A696 road which runs between Newcastle and Edinburgh, so is convenient for a stop off, perhaps to sample a meal or a snack. As Ponteland has three pubs, a Chinese restaurant, two Italian restaurants and a fish and chip shop, among other eating places, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Nearby, in Darras Hall there is the well known New Rendevous Chinese restaurant, and just outside, you’ll find The Badger, Highlander and Waggon pubs.

It’s easy to get to Ponteland from other places because of the convenient road links. Ponteland can be reached by bus and also by Metro. Metro trains run from Newcastle Central Station to the airport, and buses run from there to Ponteland. Buses are run quite often and on time, direct from Newcastle city centre and the airport Metro station. Near Ponteland is Callerton Parkway Metro station. This Metro station has its own car park. Shopping centres are easy to reach from Ponteland, the major ones being in Newcastle city centre and Gateshead’s Metro Centre.

Historically speaking, Ponteland (pronounced Pont-ee-land), thought to be named after the river which runs through it (which flooded leaving the village as an island), used to have a castle. This castle was ruined by the Scots under the command of the Earl of Douglas, just before the Battle of Otterburn. It is rumoured that there is a tunnel on the site, now occupied by the Blackburn Inn, leading to St. Mary’s Church. Look out for the Pele Tower and the church, and the picturesque bridge over the River Pont. Ponteland Park, which hosts many local events, is also an attractive place to visit.

Ponteland is a popular place to live particularly for known sports personalities who have purchased property in the exclusive area. House prices can be very high. With successful schools and attractive surroundings, the population, which is contributed to by the Darras Hall estate, has grown to around 11,000.

If you fancy a leisurely stroll, then Ponteland is the place for you!

Ponteland hold a open market on the 4th Friday every month in Merton Way