Nestled in England’s north-east corner, the Market Town of Wooler had been described as one of the best kept secrets in Europe. In an area temptingly different, it is a town that is drenched in history. With stunning coastal and inland attractions, this town on the boarders of Scotland offers quiet country roads where you can leisurely walk and soak up the stunning and breathtaking scenery. Part of one of the richest townships in Northumberland in the 13th century and an early centre for the woolen industry, this beautiful area is served by two major airports: Newcastle Airport (55 minutes) and Edinburgh Airport (90 minutes).

The vast majority of visitors tend to elect to stay overnight versus to go just for a day visit. At 83% compared to 17%, these figures show that the Market Town of Wooler ranks the highest of any market town with the overall average being 62%. Obviously the attraction to this area is very significant as approximately 64% of the visitors have been to Wooler before. With the most significant reasons for visiting Wooler being straight tourism, shopping, leisure (lunch, having coffee, visiting with friends), a huge percentage of people come to Wooler (97%) just to take a walk amidst the wonderfully scenic town and countryside. Additional reasons for visiting Wooler are often given as browsing, planned walks, watching wildlife, and cycling.

With most visitor’s using a car, van, or motor home to access this amazingly picturesque area, visitors will find that Wooler it is nestled nicely in-between the Cheviot Hills and the coastal area around Holy Island minutes away from Northumberland National Park. Embrace the ancient history of the area with a visit to Cheviot which contains the beautiful rural landscape formed by the remnants of the most northerly volcano in England. Visit prehistoric cup & ring motifs with their sandstone carvings made by Neolithic and early Bronze Age people over 3500 to 6000 years ago. One of the many reasons why Wooler sees so many overnight visitors is because it takes a while to seize all that the area has to offer in henges, numerous strategically placed hillforts, and the location of one of Britain’s most important battlefields – Flodden field.

With an area that contains many historic buildings and churches, ancient castles, pele towers, bridges, and the mighty whale-backed form of Cheviot, it is no wonder that after people visit once, they cannot help but return for more. Trying to capture all that the last 5000 years has to offer simply just takes more than a day!

With the Cheviot Hills creating an outdoor activity heaven, walking opportunities abound on the quiet country roads dotted with bridleways, bridges, and footpaths. Circular routes are waymarked to assist in a successful adventure and the Northumberland National Park offers additional majestic areas for your delight with the spectacular valleys of The Breamish (Ingram), Harthope, and College. Upon your own personal review of this spectacular area, you too will begin to understand why many say that the Market Town of Wooler is one of the best kept secrets in all of Europe.