Originating as a fishing town in the 14th century, Redcar (place by the red marsh) emerged as a seaside tourist destination when the Middlesbrough to Redcar Railway opened in 1846. After the opening of the railway, Redcar became a favorite spot for many Victorian tourists and has remained a popular seaside resort area for many ever since. Offering a beautiful stretch of sands running for approximately eight miles from Redcar down to Saltburn-by-the-Sea, the attraction to the area due to the natural beauty of the North Sea coastline continues to draw those seeking to relax and reflect on the beauty and power of the sea.

The introduction of the Redcar Racecourse to the area in 1875 provided yet another outlet for those seeking solace on the one hand, and a little excitement and entertainment on the other. Open for 18 days of action packed horse racing from April through November, many also use the Redcar Racecourse facility year around for conducting conferences, seminars, dinners, and other types of “get-away” receptions.

Offering all of the amenities of a splendid seaside resort area including accommodations, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, shops, and fine local pubs in addition to the racetrack, Redcar also has the claim to fame of being the location for the oldest surviving lifeboat in the world (The Zetland Lifeboat). Over 200 years ago in 1802, the Zetland lifeboat arrived at Redcar marking a very important turning point in the realm of maritime rescue. Offering the new ability to provide seafarers that risked their lives plying their trade some resource for recovery from life threatening natural forces at sea, the life-boatmen of the Zetland have been attributed to saving the lives of over 500 seafarers.

Growing into an area institution, one can visit the Redcar Lifeboat Station (part of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and examine the evolution of life-saving sea rescue practices over the past 200 years. Currently supporting an Atlantic 75 Class lifeboat and a 1B1 Class inshore lifeboat the Redcar Lifeboat Station remains ever vigilant and saves lives every year. Very specialized and highly trained, the members of the Redcar Lifeboat Station participate in exercises with RAF helicopter search and rescue units to maintain the highest levels of readiness.

After being taken in bythe sea and the beaches stretching from Redcar down to Saltburn-by-the-Sea, you can quickly change gears and head a little to the south of Redcar to take in all that the North York Moors National Park has to offer. Offering some of the best rustic beauty that the Britain has to offer, this park is full of wildlife and natural scenic beauty offered in its woodlands, moorlands, dales, and miles of its eastern shoreline butting up against the North Sea. Local history abound, many like to hunt for fossils while around the Redcar/North York Moors National Park area in addition to examining the storied history of the area reflected in the villages, geology, archeology, and local architecture. Many have come to appreciate all that the Redcar area has to offer as they unwind, relax, and reflect while on holiday.